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Instructional books and videos on firearms and self-defense.
Achieving Kicking Excellence books and videos.

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We here at Shoot NO Shoot Productions, Chikara Kan, Inc., and Reno Krav Maga strive to provide our customers and students with the highest quality instruction, with the most updated information currently available on various aspects of; the martial arts, both armed and unarmed self-defense, and the use of a wide variety of firearms including; handguns, shotguns, rifles, etc. We then output that very same high quality directly into our technical books and our instructional videos.

Many more projects are currently in production!

We currently have numerous book and video projects in various stages of completion, with several being scheduled to be released in 2020 and over the next several years. These include many more locations in the Shoot NO Shoot video series, as well as, several more books and videos focusing on various aspects of self-defense and various forms of training. Be sure and click on the little person in the circle icon at the top of the page and then register on our website in order to be kept appraised of all the upcoming releases and special offers available only to members.