About Us

Let me start this section by first answering the most common question that we get here at Shoot NO Shoot Productions and that is, "Why did you create the Shoot NO Shoot series of instructional videos and what do you hope to accomplish with this series?" And here is our answer...

This video series was created to give the individual the opportunity to respond to a realistically simulated situation where a determination would need to be made by the viewer as to first, whether or not the use of force was justified in that particular scenario. And secondly, if the use of force was justified, what level of force would the viewer be justified in using and why. This is called Critical Decision Making and is something that most people rarely, if ever, get the opportunity to practice in a safe yet realistic environment.

Although this series was created primarily with the firearms enthusiast in mind, it is not just strictly intended for those individuals who carry firearms on a daily basis. It is also of great use for those individuals who do not carry firearms with them as they too can be, and often are, victims of violent attacks. Viewing these realistic scenarios is one of the surest ways to determine what you are likely to do when confronted by one or more violent attackers and what your own personal capabilities are with and without a self-defensive tool, ie; firearms, knife, etc. to aid you in your defense. This gives you the opportunity to learn from your mistakes, and also how to optimize your responses in order to give you the best chance at achieving the optimal outcome.

The Shoot NO Shoot: Critical Decision Making instructional video series was created in order to provide the most realistically designed scenarios covering a wide and varying range of situations, in order to give the individual viewer the opportunity to see what they would actually do if and when they were actually confronted with a similar situation. This gives the individual the opportunity to practice, evaluate, learn, and improve upon this vital yet rarely practiced skill set of Critical Decision Making when confronted with a situation that is or has the possibility of becoming violent and potentially lethal to not only themselves, but others as well.

We have already filmed at several other unique locations over the past couple of years including; Office Buildings, Doctors Offices, a Barber Shop, Parking Lots, in Vehicles, at a Home, in Confined Spaces, and have at least ten (10) more locations coming in 2020 and over the next couple of years. We are still looking to film at several other locations and will be adding those to our library of available titles upon completion.

We are going to continue to strive to bring you the best educational and training sources available for both armed and unarmed self-defense.