Roundhouse Kick (Achieving Kicking Excellence, Vol. 9)

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This book, volume nine in the Achieving Kicking Excellence series, goes into intricate detail over all aspects of executing the primary kick, which in this case is the Back Leg Roundhouse Kick, and several of its main variations. With over 230 pages of text, photographs, and illustrations, this book is arguably the finest and most detailed literary work ever published on the Roundhouse Kick.

Here are just a few of the things you will learn:

  • How to correctly execute the Back Leg Roundhouse Kick and 11 of its main variations.

  • Training methods to improve your kicking skills.

  • Basic principles involved in kicking.

  • Anatomical make-up of the Roundhouse Kick.

  • Troubleshooting common problems associated with the Roundhouse Kick.

  • Basic self-defense applications for the Roundhouse Kick.

  • and much, much more!

While this book and the material presented with it are invaluable to the individual who does not have the opportunity to learn in a formal setting, it is also a tremendous benefit to those who are fortunate enough to have access to a qualified and competent instructor. A privilege and an honor one should never take for granted.

Shawn Kovacich is a certified Krav Maga Master Instructor in addition to being a high ranking black belt in both Karate and Taekwondo. He is also the author of the highly acclaimed Achieving Kicking Excellence series of books and DVDs that focus on the intricate art of kicking. He is also the author and creator of numerous books and videos in the Shoot NO Shoot series, which focus on firearms training and the defensive use of firearms, as well as, other self-defense related topics.