Shoot NO Shoot: Critical Decision Making Logbook

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This logbook was created as a supplemental training aid to be used in conjunction with the Shoot NO Shoot: Critical Decision Making series of instructional videos designed to put you, the viewer, through a series of one hundred simulated self-defense scenarios, which puts the viewer in a position to make a “critical decision” on the events that are immediately transpiring either directly at them, or while in their presence. Concerning first, whether or not they are in fact faced with a lethal force situation. And secondly, if they are indeed facing a lethal force situation, are they themselves justified in using lethal force in order to protect their life and/or the lives of others?

The purpose of this logbook is to give you, the viewer, a ready-made, basically “fill in the blanks,” journal in which you can accurately and consistently write down your continuing progress as you make your way from Scenario #001 through Scenario #100, in whatever particular location that was being used for filming in the Shoot NO Shoot instructional video series that you are currently viewing.

In order to get the maximum benefit from this logbook and your viewing of the 100 scenarios in this particular set of scenarios in the Shoot NO Shoot instructional video that you are currently viewing, you first need to follow the directions provided to not only ensure that you get the most out of your training, but also to make sure that you do so safely. You will then need to totally immerse yourself into each and every scenario and actively participant in them as if the events that you are viewing are real and actually happening to you in real-time.