Shoot NO Shoot: Critical Decision Making Series One: Post Office

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The information provided in this four-disc instructional video, focuses on the critical decision making and personal protections skills that you will need if you are ever faced with a self-defense situation where the use of non-deadly and/or deadly force with or without a firearm may be required.

This instructional video was created in order to help the viewer improve his or her own critical decision making skills by placing them in 100 separate simulated “Shoot NO Shoot” scenarios. The viewer is then tasked with making a decision on whether or not force is justified, and if physical force is justified, what level of force, if warranted, is justified in each scenario. Is non-deadly and/or deadly force the right choice? Or are there other options available to each individual viewer?

This instructional video was designed and created for use by responsible, mature individuals concerned with the safety of themselves and their loved ones. These scenarios can be used by men and women regardless of; age, size, physical condition, or lack thereof. As a matter of fact, as long as you can safely operate a firearm in a competent manner, you can increase your critical decision making and personal protection skills by closely following the recommend instructions in order to obtain maximum possible benefit when viewing and actively participating in these 100 scenarios .

This four-disc, 100 scenario instructional video presents a wide ranging variety of real-life situations, filmed on location at an independently owned mail service center, that you the viewer may very well end up dealing with one day and are then forced to make what literally could be a life or death decision.